Emerging Spring

After having planted what seemed like well over a hundred bulbs last Fall, it is encouraging to see that at least a few are now starting to emerge from the warming ground and mulch cover. I am a novice bulb planter, but I am hopeful that the squirrel deterrent measures I have taken will have worked and that more color is to come.

Happy Spring.


Pumpkin lantern

I just made this lantern with some materials I had around the house. In daylight, it looks like a simple pumpkin, but once lit up, its face is revealed. I can imagine our front walkway lined with these on Halloween, guiding the trick-or-treaters to our door.

But.... given that I am also trying to plant hundreds of bulbs before the first hard frost, design and print the student directory book for the kids' elementary school, complete the kids' costumes, and juggle freelance work, this multi-jack-o-lantern vision may have to wait until next year. A mom can dream though, right?

Happy Halloween.


Hydrangea wreath

At this time of year, the tree hydrangeas in our backyard are so beautiful. They have slowly changed from their bright summer white to their chartreuse and pinkish brown fall hues. 

If you cut them from the trees at this stage, and strip their leaves, you have the perfect material for an autumnal wreath that will dry as it hangs and retain this color (really!) until you are ready for your winter door decor.

Even though I made a fresh holly wreath without a wire frame once upon a time, I thought these more delicate branches could benefit from a rigid support. So, I started attaching the branches, weaving them into the circle frame.

I soon realized that I needed a little extra help wrangling the branches and holding them into position. And since I didn't have any thin floral wire handy, I started to look around the house for something else that would do.

If you have an eight-year-old in the house like I do, you are probably familiar (or soon will be) with the small multi-colored "Rainbow Loom" rubberbands and set—the latest elementary school crafty craze here in New England. Lucky for me, these small rubberbands also make fabulous wreath-branch fasteners:)

Naturally, I chose some lime green rubberbands to match and repurposed a thick hair elastic as a make-shift hanger, also semi-camouflaged against the door.

Happy Fall.


Play tent with canopy for kids

About a month ago I came across a DIY tent design online that I thought would be perfect as a birthday present for O. However, since we are always looking to make any found design even better, we decided to add a removable canopy for added play space and shade.

—without the canopy...

— and with the canopy...

The canopy is simply added using two more dowels (with fabric attached to both ends) and two more drilled 1 x 2 pieces of wood. One of the dowels is simply cradled to the "v" at the top of the tent in one of two ways (shown below). The length of the fabric canopy and the length of the additional wood supports determine the height and angle of the canopy.

I chose a textile from Ikea for the main bird fabric and half of an Ikea tablecloth for the canopy. For the "floor", a vintage tablecloth that is just the right size.

We added some coordinating pillows from Ikea to make it cozy and a nice place to read... 

or quietly wait for the bunnies...


Alt Summit NYC

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