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Ribbon bicycle cuffs

We have been enjoying the more comfortable weather of early autumn here in New England and have been spending as much time as we can outside. It's amazing how much more enthusiasm we have for outdoor activities now that we don't have to fight the energy-zapping humidity! (Originally from San Francisco, I have never gotten used to the stickiness of eastern summers.) 

O has recently started "riding" Q's old balance bike—a pedal-less wooden bicycle that teaches kids to balance first! It's the greatest invention! First they walk with it and eventually they gain confidence and speed and pick up their feet and coast! Once they learn how to balance, it is a seamless transition to a "real" pedal bike. No training wheels required.

Well, she is finally tall enough to reach the ground and start walking the bike. However, since it's a hand-me-down from her older brother and she has always admired the fancy ribbon handles of more girly bikes she has seen around the neighborhood, I thought it would be fun to design some custom ribbon cuffs to make her ride extra special.

I started with some purple fabric leftover from O's snack bag from this post. I had some bamboo batting and red velcro from previous projects, and then purchased some grosgrain ribbons to coordinate with the purple fabric and red bicycle handlebars. I still had orange thread loaded into the machine from the snack bags and decided to just go with it. (It all somehow works, right?) 

I used two of each of these six ribbons so that there are twelve ribbons per cuff, but another option would be to use multiple strands of the same ribbon! When I finished with the sewing, I used clear nail polish to seal the ends of the ribbons to prevent fraying.

 O loves her new ribbon cuffs! And has also discovered their versatility! 


Happy riding! 

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Reader Comments (4)

zOMG! These are absolutely adorable! If I may borrow your idea, I think I'll make some with skulls and crossbones for my little dude! Great idea...thanks so much for sharing!

October 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTamara

Thanks so much! I'm so glad you like my design. It's always nice to get feedback:)
I would love to see pictures of your creation!

October 17, 2010 | Registered CommenterLesley

Hi! I like your blog, colorful and inspiring, keep posting :)
/Maria in Sweden

October 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMaria

Thanks so much for your encouragement, Maria!
I am hoping to post more frequently, so visit again soon!

October 25, 2010 | Registered CommenterLesley

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