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Hydrangea wreath

At this time of year, the tree hydrangeas in our backyard are so beautiful. They have slowly changed from their bright summer white to their chartreuse and pinkish brown fall hues. 

If you cut them from the trees at this stage, and strip their leaves, you have the perfect material for an autumnal wreath that will dry as it hangs and retain this color (really!) until you are ready for your winter door decor.

Even though I made a fresh holly wreath without a wire frame once upon a time, I thought these more delicate branches could benefit from a rigid support. So, I started attaching the branches, weaving them into the circle frame.

I soon realized that I needed a little extra help wrangling the branches and holding them into position. And since I didn't have any thin floral wire handy, I started to look around the house for something else that would do.

If you have an eight-year-old in the house like I do, you are probably familiar (or soon will be) with the small multi-colored "Rainbow Loom" rubberbands and set—the latest elementary school crafty craze here in New England. Lucky for me, these small rubberbands also make fabulous wreath-branch fasteners:)

Naturally, I chose some lime green rubberbands to match and repurposed a thick hair elastic as a make-shift hanger, also semi-camouflaged against the door.

Happy Fall.

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